My Voice Will Go With You

My voice is my material. It is my body through my breathing that enables me to communicate and share ideas and works in art. 

My voice is malleable as my body. Through the surface of my body as the interface between my inner and the outer world, I exchange, I inhale and I exhale. I experience the world, spaces through my body. 

My submission portfolio tries to look at the wider context of my practice informed by my critical research during this course and informed by my external exposure through competitions, exhibitions, and especially through collaborations.

My voice is inside of me, it is my critical voice that as a performative and material act that can create spaces for encounter, visually and orally. 

My Reflective Voice 

My reflective evaluation is a collaborative effort, as without them (Alison Dollery, Susan Farrelly, Marion Gregor) I would not have been able neither to create my works, nor to find and understand myself, to find my voice.

There voices are included here in the second chapter of the video (05:35 min onwards)

My Submission

My submission for assessment November 2020 will be presented through the delimitating and determining categories for assessment submission:

  1. My Critical Review
  2. My Parallel Project
  3. A selection of practical work from your assignments with 1 to 3 relevant links to your learning log
  4. A selection of written work from your assignments with 1 to 3 relevant links to your learning log
  5. My reflective presentation or evaluation
  6. My tutor reports

Specifically, my submission includes the following elements, all available in the shared drive. My works for critical review and parallel project are included in the first two categories / subfolders:

My selection of creative work

  1. Daily Drawing Practice (from assignment 1 and beyond) – a praxis
  2. Visual Essay (from assignment 2 – expanded) – my understanding through sketchbooks 
  3. Site specific intervention and installation ‘Space-Room-Encounter’ (from assignment 4 and parallel project) – a website incl audio-video
  4. ‘Peep-Performance’ – (from assignment 3) – audio-video, performance
  5. ‘You Didn’t Tell Me!’ – from my collaboration with Alison Dollery (from assignment 3) – audio-video
  6. ‘things’  – from my collaboration with Susan Farrelly (from assignment 5) – audio-video, performance

My written elements

  1. ‘On Understanding’ (from assignment 2) – a written document
  2. a press release (from assignment 4 and parallel project) – a written document
  3. ‘On Motivation’ (from assignment 5) – an oral document (3a) with written script (3b)
  4. ‘Space of Encounter and Change’ – artist statement as virtual artist talk – from my collaboration with Marion Gregor (from parallel project) – a transcript for audio-video
  5. ‘Interacting and Understanding’ (critical review) – a written (5a) and an oral (5b) document 

My Reflective presentation of evaluation 

a written evaluation / the video with my and my collaborators voice is embedded in this page. 

Tutor reports 


Selection of learning log entries

these do relate to the above  highlighted in a sep document in shared drive, as well as on the respective portfolio pages .


“Really interesting and rich combinations of play, sensitivity, curiosity, thinking, making, doing! Some good risks and steps out into public spaces and encounters. The practice is growing and developing in confidence.”

Dan Robinson tutor

“Die Erfahrung der Zusammenarbeit mit jemanden, der es im Da-zwischen schafft eine berührende Atmosphäre in den Raum zu stellen``

(The experience of collaborating with someone who is able to create a touching atmosphere in the space in between')

Marion Gregor art therapist and artist friend

“ invigorates my practice to be able to work with trust, openly and consistently in collaboration on a deeper level.``

Susan Farrelly MA Fine Art student

“Through the experience with Stefan I got to experience .. acceptance of letting go .. and allow me to stand back.. allow ambiguity to come into play... allows the experience of collaboration to become an experience in making art itself.``

Alison Dollery BA Fine Art student